I am a career Air Force disabled Vietnam veteran. I began this effort for two reasons. This has been an attempt over the past 15 years to provide needed information to veterans and their families about ongoing Veterans Administration programs to help them find answers to their problems, to inform them about upcoming events around our nation, to identify links to other more professional military related sources, and anything else that I find on the internet highway that is perhaps somewhat useful.  Of course, I try to entertain with my poor jokes and puzzles.

I am the Editor and content is derived from my personal ramblings, from information found around the internet, from Department of Defense news releases, and from commercial media outlets that have given me permission to reprint information.  These include major military information websites like Stars and Stripes and Military.com.  The newspaper is published bi-monthly. 

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You have the responsibility to check the facts before responding to an article and committing any actions based upon any article, or ad, from this publication.

I write and print each issue in my home using my very slow 4-year old $395 PC, a 6 year old copy of software and an old clacking laser printer from hell that likes to skip pages.   I encourage you to send me any acceptable articles via email. 

To reiterate and make sure we all understand each other, all content on these pages can be found on the net or was sent to me from site visitors.  Because of that, I sometimes cannot confirm the author or whether there could be any existing copyright.  If there is a problem, simply email me and I will remove it.  I would rather you allow me to use it and I will be more than happy to give you the publicity as originator.  I also try to check validity of every article, but sometimes people can convince me something is really true when in fact it is a total myth.

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